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Why Us?

 I am passionate about leveraging diversity, cultural competency, social media and mobile technologies to foster inclusion, innovation and business value.

Kevin A. Carter, President & Founder

Integrating relevant, effective, and beneficially inclusive policies and practices into an existing business model can be time-consuming, difficult, and complicated.

In addition to the challenges involved in gaining an internal consensus and cooperation, companies often need to accomplish simultaneous tasks:

  • Address the needs of traditionalists, who often fear that change toward greater inclusion will come at the expense of their positions and opportunities in the organization.

  • Meet the demands of progressives, who may be frustrated and distrustful of your efforts after years of fighting for fair organizational opportunities of their own.

  • Face increased public scrutiny, which makes it risky to make a mistake, no matter how well-intentioned it may be.

Partnering with D&I consultants who understand how strategic business goals are enhanced by pragmatic and measurable D&I tools and processes can help you successfully support organizational change. We focus on providing measurable results through tools and processes that are aligned with strategic business goals. We are uniquely skilled in fostering a safe environment, where everyone’s experience and perspective is acknowledged.

Our goal is to help you address D&I opportunities and challenges by facilitating the following:

  • Relevant knowledge to better understand the elements of your unique situation

  • Customized strategies that specifically address your needs

  • Measurable results that demonstrate the effect of your efforts

Let us help facilitate the conversation…​

Effectively addressing D&I in the workplace is rarely accomplished without controversy, difficult conversations, and consistent effort. If you are serious about addressing deep-rooted workplace issues, and no one is having a significant reaction, a stronger, smarter approach is critical.

Allow us to supplement your efforts through experienced consulting, proactive coaching, and pragmatic, measurable D&I tools and assessments. Contact us now for a free initial consultation.


Kevin A. Carter is the President of Inclusion Innovates and a Principal Strategist for the Winters Group, Inc. The Winters Group has been in business for more than 35 years and is a diversity strategy development, knowledge transfer and coaching firm. Kevin develops and utilizes various models, assessments, and tools under the brand name Inclusion Innovates, which helps leaders from every line of business effectively address D&I challenges and opportunities, such as changing demographics, gaining market share, increasing revenue, improving innovation, attracting and retaining top talent, next-generation leadership development, and workplace collaboration.

Understanding people’s uniqueness affects decisions in marketing, manufacturing, distribution, sales, technology, and human resources. Kevin develops relevant knowledge, customized strategies, and inclusive policies and practices with managers across organizations. For example, his latest assessments/workshops have included Leading Inclusively during Polarizing Times and The #MeToo Imperfect Ally. He is a licensed administrator of The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) and Life Orientations® (LIFO®), which are cultural competency and performance instruments.

Kevin has more than 25 years of experience as a diversity leader for many companies. For example, before establishing Inclusion Innovates, Kevin successfully created and executed a D&I strategy for Ahold USA, an international retailer. Before that, Kevin served as the Director of D&I for Campbell Soup and as a General Manager for BP. He holds a BA, Cum Laude, in Philosophy and Public Affairs from Vanderbilt University and an MBA in Finance from the Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management. Below, see what some of Kevin's previous clients have had to say about his positive contributions to their organizations:


Cathy Medeiros, 

Vice President-Diversity & Inclusion, Eaton Corporation

I have had the pleasure of networking with Kevin in the area of Diversity and Inclusion over the past three years. Kevin advised and coached the Aerospace business group within Eaton on how to build the business case, and create a sustainable culture change in the area of D&I. His guidance and counsel was invaluable to gaining buy-in and establishing our priorities toward implementing a great strategy forward. Most recently moving into my new role as Vice President-Diversity & Inclusion for Eaton Corporation, I have relied heavily on Kevin’s guidance on creating a path forward in the area of Diversity & Inclusion in Eaton globally. In my view, Kevin's business acumen, knowledge, expertise, and passion around how a diverse and inclusive culture can drive business performance places him above most others in his field. I would highly recommend Kevin as a strategic business partner in the field of D&I for any individual or company who wishes to transform their organization from the inside out!

Kevin is a preeminent diversity & inclusion thought leader. His ability to leverage strategy and link it to the bottom line is critical to the successful implementation of any diversity and inclusion initiative. Kevin's knowledge runs deep and his counsel is both innovative and thought-provoking. Kevin has proven to be the consummate professional - always operating with the highest degree of integrity.

Dawn Martin, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Director Human Resources at McKesson

Ray Dempsey,

Chief Diversity Officer at BP

Kevin brings clear, strategic, and process-based approaches and solutions to real diversity and inclusion challenges. His engaging style creates opportunities to push and challenge without leaving people behind. He'll make a difference. 

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