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The #MeToo Imperfect Ally: Reflect, Acknowledge, Listen & Empower!

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Inclusion Innovates developed The #MeToo Imperfect Ally assessment and workshop in partnership with The Winters Group and Advancing Women in the Workforce. The material enhance the five behavioral traits necessary for effective allyship in gender equity: Reflecting, Acknowledging, Listening, Empowering and Achieving.

Several people have suggested that the "Being the #MeToo Imperfect Ally" model is helpful for not only men, but also women, as they seek agreement or congruence, regarding the intentions, behaviors, and impact necessary for #MeToo progress.  

Key steps are: 

1) Reflect: Who have I been, who am I now and who do I need to be for #MeToo progress?

- For example have you addressed gender bias when you hear or see it, such as one gender being interrupted more than another, or not receiving credit for their remarks during a meeting?

2) Acknowledge: I am imperfect! I have made mistakes! Sometimes, simply because I was intending to be "gender blind," "live by the golden rule, " or "treat others as I would like to be treated."

- For example, have you equally sought out male, female, genderqueer and non-binary gender role models? If not, why not?

3) Listen: To truly hear and understand, and not to rebut or minimize

- For example, are you willing to let the other party dominate the discussion, b) are you attentive to what is being said, c) do you take care not to interrupt, d) do you use of open-ended questions, e) are sensitivity to the emotions being expressed, and e) do you reflect back to the other party the substance and feelings being expressed?

4) Empower: To obtain congruence, agreement, or alignment on the intentions, behaviors, and impact that represents progress in gender equity.

- For example, what would success look and feel like for men and women? What would employees be saying? What behaviors and outcomes would be recognized and rewarded, which would be prevented? What would be the buzz among customers, how would they be showing their support for your efforts?

We encourage you to take The #MeToo Imperfect Ally assessment to understand your readiness to be a #MeToo Ally for gender equity

The assessment and workshop were developed in partnership with Mary-Frances Winters, the President & CEO of The Winters Group, and Kathleen Buse, PhD, the President of Advancing Women in the Workforce and many others.

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