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Leading Inclusively: 21st Century Influences

What do you think are key 21st century-themes, and the attributes, or competencies needed to be successful in this century?

Learn about 21st century events that influenced the Leading Inclusively assessment and workshop. Those events, themes and competencies are highlighted below and covered in more detail within the timeline.

Major events:

  • 2000 Contested US Presidential Election

  • 2001 9/11 Terror Attack

  • 2004 Google redefines the Internet

  • 2006 Facebook & Twitter accelerate virtual social networking

  • 2007 US Illegal Immigration reaches 11 million people

  • 2008 Election of Barack Obama as President

  • 2008 US recession

  • 2014 Death of Michael Brown

  • 2015 US Supreme Court allows same-sex marriage

  • 2015 The rise of smartphone ownership

  • 2016 Election of Donald Trump as President

  • 2017 United the Right Rally

  • 2017 #MeToo Movement

  • 2018 US Immigration Policy

Key Themes:

  • The intersection of cultural pride and intolerance

  • Social transparency and activism

  • A feeling of personal economic insecurity

  • Self-Care

  • Gender Equity

Required Leadership Competencies:

  • Self-awareness, initiative and direction

  • Social and cross-cultural communication and collaboration

  • Media and digital literacy

  • Creative thinking and problem solving

  • Leadership ethics and responsibility

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