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Deliverable:  Use of the New* DII-SLA Tool  to Exhibit Strategic Leadership and Create Business-Aligned Diversity, Inclusion and Innovation Action Plans

The Diversity, Inclusion & Innovation - Strategic Leadership Assessment (DII- SLA) tool provides a quantitative measurement of a leaders' comfort level and effectiveness in leveraging diversity, 
intercultural competence and Internet technologies to foster innovations in business products, services, processes and practices. 

The DII-SLA can be used as an initial assessment or to measure progress. 

A leader with a high assessment score is more likely to engage all members of their team towards successful completion of organizational objectives. 

This proactive focus and commitment is a vital step towards creating a diverse and inclusive business environment that is conducive to organizational innovation. 

An effective DII strategy is clearly embedded in investor presentations, shareholder meetings and Board of Directors reports. An example of how to achieve this business alignment is shown below:

The essence of leadership is the impact that a person has on the thinking and behaviors of others, and the culture that he or she ends up creating as a result. Within this context, performance is built or destroyed based on how we deal with differences.