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Social Engagement. 
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Collaborative (Social) Technology

Team sites, internal (e.g. a business resource group) or external with a well developed forum can become an invaluable source for discussion that can lead to improved innovation in products and services as well as improved employee motivation and increased productivity.


In the marketplace, the most important source of information and learning is a website.   Almost every company in the world has one to inform visitors about their organization, its products & services, brand, current promotions and much more. 

Unfortunately websites are still underutilized in the workplace. 

Internal sites help "tell the story" of an work group/team in the same manner as a public facing website. The technology brings technology together at a single location; forums, documents, folders, slideshows, images, video, forms, social media, software (e.g. project mgmt) and databases are examples of collaborative technology that can be embedded in or linked to from a team site.   

Visitors to the site can navigate through the site to understand the goals, challenges, successes, and opportunities of that team with the same ease of a public facing website. 


Forums are a rich source of internal knowledge that supports the diversity of your workplace. 

They attract people of a similar mindset, gender, sexual orientation or race.  Providing a place where people of all "hierarchical rank" can have open discussions is an excellent way to aggregate thoughts, ideas and collaboration that can be invaluable for innovation within the workplace, your products and services.