We Align Your D&I Efforts to Business Objectives. 
Customer Affinity, Employee Engagement and Neighbor Advocacy is Our Focus!

With nearly twenty years of experience in various organizations, I have had the privilege to work with many tremendous individuals and develop very successful D&I models and deliverables. The products and services below are typically created in partnership with clients:
  • Disruptive Inclusion seminar to connect diversity, inclusion and innovation
  • Strategy development to align D&I efforts to business objectives
  • Cultural Competency training using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
  • Team productivity training using LIFO (Life Orientation)
  • Business Resource Group (BRG) management to align employee network efforts to customer affinity, employee engagement and neighbor advocacy
My most recent employment includes serving as the Senior Director, Diversity & Inclusion for Ahold USA and the Director, Diversity & Inclusion for the Campbell Soup Co. Some employee network successes at those companies are highlighted below. These companies are engaged in several employee network best practices.

Customer Affinity Case Studies

Campbell Soup Company: Connecting D&I to Customers
  Campbell Soup Company: Business Resource Affinity Networks (BRANs)

Employee Engagement Case Studies

Ahold USA: Business Resource Groups
  Ahold USA: ALANA Foods of the World

Neighbor Advocacy Case Studies

Ahold USA: ALANA Community Well-Being Ambassadors
  Ahold USA: Carlisle Amani Multicultural Festival