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Kevin has nearly twenty years of experience as a diversity leader working for US and International companies. His expertise includes conducting organizational diversity and inclusion (D&I) assessments; developing and implementing D&I strategic plans; embedding and monitoring procedures, practices and metrics that foster workplace inclusion; leading and managing female progression efforts and developing and facilitating D&I and employee engagement education.

His professional objective is to leverage diversity, intercultural competency, social media and mobile technologies to foster safe, challenging and globally connected work environments where people can reach their full potential in pursuit of collective goals.

As the D&I leader for Ahold USA, an international retailer, he was responsible for the creation and execution of the company’s D&I strategy that is premised on the notion that the diversity of the Company’s associates is an incredible asset to gain insights to better serve its customers, employees and neighbors. Fostering business resource groups and networks, utilizing collaborative (social) technology, and improving cultural competence are the three enablers of this strategy that he calls D&I 3.0 or Disruptive Inclusion.


MDB Group, Inc. Business-Aligned® diversity and inclusion action planning; LIFO® (Life Orientation) and IDI® (Intercultural Development Inventory®) personal and professional coaching and workshops on fostering inclusive, high performing teams. 

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