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2012 Multicultural Forum on Workplace Diversity
March 20-21th, 2012
Minneapolis, MN

Topic: Inclusion Innovates! The Use of ERGS and sTechnology. 
Session Creator, Panelist and Moderator: Kevin Carter
Other Panelists: Daniel Maycock, National Mobile Technology Leader, Slalom Consulting; Danielle Robinson, Director of Diversity, Diageo North America; and Jeffrey Smith, Associate Director, Global Diversity and Inclusion, Proctor & Gamble
Audience: Conference attendees, media

This panel will discuss the integration of diversity, inclusion, social media and innovation.  Participants will share philosophies, strategies, tools and examples of how D&I Innovates, particularly through the use of employee resource groups and technology. 

We are currently experiencing a global interconnectedness through social media that brings together a multitude of races, demographics, age groups, religions, etc. Businesses are realizing that the entire world is not only watching them but also becoming potential customers. With the rapid growth of technology, savvy consumers are able to obtain information at their fingertips requiring businesses to continuously identify novel and authentic ways to generate value. Transparency, exceptional service, integrity and goodwill are a few characteristics that do not exceed customer expectations they just meet them. 

Organizations that nurture and promote creativity through an adaptation and integration of diversity are the ones that will prevail. While social media and technology brings breath and speed to the collaboration process - it does not necessarily bring depth. The role of D&I within the innovative process is to provide individuals with the selfawareness, cultural fluency and competency to adapt to and integrate individual commonalities and differences towards a collective goal. 

Business Resource Affinity Networks / ERGs provide a cost-effective and untapped business partner to foster innovation, to build consumer affinity and to improve employee performance. Social media connects us ---- D&I brings us together --- in a collaboration process where innovation can disrupt and foster business results!

Philadelphia SHRM Conference

March 23, 2012
Ritz Carlton

Topic: Diversity in the Workplace: Strategies for Embracing Differences, Increasing Employee Interaction and Fostering Organizational Synergy

Workforce diversity continues to be a vital component in today’s global economy. Different perspectives, experiences and beliefs can be the catalyst for innovation as well as the source for customer loyalty.  As human resource leaders and professionals develop and execute an organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy, social media can be a critical tool for employee branding in external recruiting as well as a tool for internal employee engagement.  This expert panel offers unique insights into diversity strategies that have challenged the status quo, elevated the role of diversity and delivered unexpected results.

Attendees will gain the following insights from this program:
  • How to translate workforce diversity and inclusion into profitability
  • How to incorporate diversity and inclusion into corporate social responsibility
  • How to use social media to promote diversity and inclusion
  • Kevin Carter, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Campbell’s Soup
  • Kelley Cornish, Principal, LeadingNEXT LLC
  • Sherryann Plesse, Principal/Chief Learning Officer, Vanguard
  • Moderator - Jim Smith, CEO, JIMPACT.

The Conference Board
May 3rd, 2012

Topic: BRANs fostering Innovation and Intercultural Competence

Philadelphia SHRM Symposium 
May 23, 2012
Philadelphia, PA

Topic: Diversity in the Workplace: Strategies for looking at yourself, your team 
members and your customers. 
Audience: Philadelphia SHRM members, conference attendees, media 

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Twelfth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, 
Communities and Nations.
June 11-12th  

Topic: Disruptive Inclusion: leveraging BRANs, social media technologies and Intercultural Competence to foster business innovation

NALC New York 2012
Network and Affinity Leadership Congress
June 28, 2012, 2:00 - 3:15pm

Topic: Disruptive Inclusion: How to leverage BRANs, social media technologies and Intercultural Competence to foster business innovation to Foster ERG Collaboration & Innovation
New York Academy of Medicine,
1216 5th Avenue (entrance on 103rd Street) 
New York, NY